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The compliance steering committee (CSG) is a subsidiary spin off of the main Remittance Association of Singapore (RAS).

The CSG aims to help the members or licensees with all compliance related issues & support them in their needs to meet regulatory requirement. The CSG seeks to be the advocacy for all things related to compliance.

If a new compliance rule is introduced by the government, CSG educates the members about the rule. Then, upon implementing the said compliance, we discuss the challenges faced by the licensees & give suggestions on how to overcome them. We listen to the needs of their members and help them understand & adhere to the regulations.

We work hand in hand with our members and help them the simplest and the best method to figure out things. If say for example, a member needs to get a facial recognition tool for their business, we suggest them the best, technically advanced tool available in the market. We provide our members with any help required with respect to compliance.

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Being the section branch of RAS, the compliance steering committee (CSG) aims to simplify compliance & help our members with all compliance related issues & support them in their needs.

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CSG workshops, group discussion, virtual focus groups & other activities to help members

In line with CSG policies of being on the ground listening to the needs of the members, we hold workshops, virtual focus groups & group discussions on a monthly basis for our members to better understand the areas that members truly needs support with.

We aim to have lively and candid discussions in our sessions where the members can freely raise concerns they have regarding compliance & regulations and discuss on the best practices & solutions for the same were shared among the participants. Based on the feedbacks from the sessions, we get better clarity on how we can proceed to help build upon the already strong knowledge base of the community.

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Refresher training sessions to spread awareness

We conduct planning a wealth of educational seminars, refresher training courses at regular intervals to the licensees to make them aware on how to overcome money laundering, fraud, terrorist funding etc.

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Online forum & networking platforms for members

We offer an online forum and a networking platform for our members to network, meet & discuss with people from contrasting levels of establishments.

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Educating members on new compliance rules

We be the bridge between the financial industry & the regulators & explain any new compliance & governance notices for the industry implemented by the regulators in layman’s terms to our members.

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Help in implementation of regulations

We help our members to apply the new regulation step by step in the best possible way into their business by providing key market insights in the industry.

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Discuss challenges & finding a solution

Once we get feedback or complaints from our members, we discuss with the regulator to find a solution to the problem. We serve as a bridge between the regulators & the remittance community.


Help Your Remitance Business Win!

The Remittance Association (Singapore) was initiated by a small group of 12 founding members who had contributed immensely to the formation of the Association along with the valuable support from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Association was registered in April 2014 with an aim to promote best practice across the industry, raise the standard of AML/CFT compliance and act as a collective voice for all members.

CSG Committee Members

Our talented & experienced committee members are masters in the remittance industry. They are always enthusiastic about sharing their skill & expertise with others.

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